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Published on May 1, 2013

Recently, solar flares and solar activity has been steady in the C-Class range with one spike early this morning that almost reached into the strong M-Class. So we are kind of at a solar slow-boil and have been for some time. That, coupled with this triple eclipse time, means the opportunity for change is very much with us.

If I look up the meaning of the word "change" in the dictionary, it is defined as the "process of becoming different." We are all kind of are familiar with change, or should be by now, with one provision, and that (unfortunately) is that many of us tend to view change as something external that just happens to us. This is a little bit masochistic on our part, seeing ourselves as somehow the victim of change. Passivity.

When we study intense solar change or the possibility of change at eclipse times, we are speaking of 'internal' change, and not so much external change, so we might want to modify the above definition of change to something like: change is "the process of how I become different" and… still remain the same. Hmmm.

Watching how we change internally is not quite as simple as watching outer events as they flicker by on the movie screen of our life. Inner change can be much more personal than that and we can be uncertain how to identify just who and what is changing, much less how to incorporate it and proceed on.

Just as the center of our Earth is molten fluid, so our inner emotional worlds can be in upheaval even while our outer appearance may appear calm to others. Only we know what is going on in there, and most of the time we don't even know or go there. Fires can rage on the inside that never go out and we just find it easier to ignore them, except perhaps when they erupt and reach the outside where others can see or sense them. We can be as surprised as anyone at our reactions.

My point here is that not only do many of us have little control emotionally, but we are not used to touching ourselves or being touched in there. Like a bad tooth, we are just too sensitive. I am not trying to exaggerate here, but rather to point out that when we talk of being aware of (much less cooperatively incorporating) inner changes, we may (without thinking) always take a back seat to our driving emotions and fears.

In other words, we don't really know our inner self (and mind) that well and may be passive to change, when what is required is to seize the window of change and actively work with it, i.e. to change ourselves, rather than to be passively changed by circumstances.

Inner work requires not only clarifying our emotions (so we are not always in reaction to them), but getting to know the mind itself within which all of our emotions and thoughts reside. Of course that involves mind training, meditation, and so on, which I won't go into here. You know my thoughts on meditation by now. It is a good thing.

What I am saying here is that when change comes, internally it is not "things" changing for us, but rather that we, ourselves, change, and that is much more difficult to assess and monitor. How do we change, often despite ourselves, and still tell if we have lost something in the transition? The simple truth is that when we change internally, we don't really know how we are different from what we were before the onset of change. This is not news. It has always been this way, and this fact is part of why inner change is so scary.

We are monitoring our own change and yet we are also that which is changing, seemingly a logical impossibility, which simply means: this is life. Always has been just like this.

And this little paradox is why words like "faith" and "trust" are of such long life. Sooner or later the process of inner change requires that we let go of any meaningful ideas of control, and just abandon ourselves to the very process of life. We trust because we have no choice. We are being liberated, like it or not.

And now for some closure here. If you have followed my train of thought so far, in particular this last part, then you can understand why grasping inner change is problematical, especially if we seize up or freak out, and are unable to free-float and trust ourselves to the forces that be. It requires that we be relatively unattached and, sooner or later, we will.

To do that we have to go from our embryonic inward curl to literally bending over backward, turning ourselves inside-out spiritually. In other words, just letting go. We need to have our hands free (metaphorically) to work with change.

Creativity is working with change successfully, being one with the forces of change.

We all know the phrase "May the force be with you," but we may not be as familiar with the reverse "May you be with the force!"