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Published on January 8, 2014

I will get to the current barrage of solar flares in a moment, but first the Emma Report. It does not take a solar flare to activate my 2-year old granddaughter Emma. She is good to go from sunup to nightfall, and then some, if there is company. This photo taken by Emma's Dad Michael cracks me up.

Of course Emma is aware that a recording session has been going on for almost a week. When the musicians troop up to our house for meals, Emma is waiting for them and knows everyone by name. She sits at the table with the rest of us and hob-knobs with the best. She cracks jokes and occasionally loses it in the mix. Right next to the table where we eat is a small trampoline on which Emma delights in bouncing in the air and showing off with a wide grin.

And of course she wants to go down to the studio and (literally) run around. She must have some showbiz in her blood because during rehearsal last night, she grabbed a microphone and started singing in her tiny little voice, so I am told. I was not there at the time, but here is the photo. Instead I was up at the house doing dishes and helping Emma's mom Anne get dinner ready. Behind Emma is Seth Bernard on guitar and Dominic John Davis on bass (Jack white's bass player).

What meals we have had. For lunch yesterday there were home-made Upper-Peninsula-style pasties, soup, and salad. And for dinner (I include a photo taken with a tiny camera), polenta layered with a delicate sauce and roasted veggies, stuffed cabbage rolls, and a little salad. For desert there was home-made chocolate mousse. I couldn't have the mousse, but the rest was great!

As for solar flares, we just got a bunch over the last couple of days, so stand by. One of the largest sunspots in many years (AR1944) just turned the corner on the sun and is now facing Earth and it is bristling with powerful flares, including an M7 and X1-Class flare. And it is not over yet, either, so standby for some inner alteration.

Those of you who are interested in the effects of all this solar activity on our minds and inner goings-on, please see my videos, books, and articles here for details:


I will be off the Facebook-grid for about a week as I do some dharma practice, but I may appear from time-to-time if something occurs to me.