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Published on December 22, 2014

Well, the solar flare, New Moon, and Winter Solstice were here and gone, a real vortex, something a little more vigorous than your ordinary dust devil. I am busy reanimating myself and finding, as usual, that my heading has altered some from wanting to write about entrepreneurism and the like. Where did that desire go? It got overwritten.

This idea of our mental RAM being overwritten by change is a little unsettling. It almost makes me want to carefully write out my agenda and life-direction before one of these intense times and then make myself compare the before and after views and compass-headings afterward. Where does the time go, and where does the direction I was following go?

It probably does not matter, because in the end the result is always the same. I have no idea where it all went, but I find myself taking out my life compass and trying to find my new direction. No, it is not 180-degrees from where I was, but whatever little bit of steam I had rolling is usually spent. Sure, I can mentally see what I was doing before all the changes went down, like writing the blog series on entrepreneurs, but the motivation, the heart, which is what keeps me working is lost. It just went, where I don't know.

So, rather than try to reanimate a dead motivation, which never works well, instead, I cast about for something happening right now, like writing this. Years ago I would wring my hands over such a loss and pour myself into trying to resuscitate the corpse, but that is like throwing good money after bad. And I probably was worrying a bit if I was losing my mind just because I hit a reset mentally, but now, forget about it. I am used to change redirecting me without notice and in ways I am not aware of.

So, instead, as mentioned, I let my mind rest, feel the pulse and the flow, and hitch a ride on some fresh thought, such as this one. Staying with the present, for me, is always a good thing. At least I get some fresh air and don't spend too much time wondering about the past and "Wha' Happened?"

Anyone else out there in the same boat?