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Published on July 3, 2013

This is Margaret and my anniversary, forty-two years ago today under a 200-year old oak tree, surrounded by our friends, and the whole thing only cost $200, which was probably all we had at the time.

We made baked bears, potato salad, probably had some bread and a big heart-shaped cake. There was beer (for sure) and probably something was smoked. Much of our wedding was thanks to our dear friend Tecla Loup, who also made Margaret's dress, was her maid of honor, and even helped with my daughter May's wedding. Friends like Tecla are hard to find in this life, I assure you. Thank you Tecla!

When you have lived with someone longer than you ever lived alone, it is hard to image what life would be without your partner. Margaret and I have four kids and we probably worry as much (or more) about them today (in this sometimes difficult world and times) as we did way back then.

My son Michael and his partner Micah are here with us today and we would go out and celebrate if only there was a restaurant worth going to in this small town. So we are going to stay home and cook together. It looks to be some Lebanese food.

Margaret, after all these years, I still love you!