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Published on April 25, 2013

Eclipses most often come one at a time. Sometimes they happen two in a row, but it is somewhat rare to have three eclipses in a row, two weeks apart, one after another. We are entering such a triple-eclipse time today on the Full Moon. Here are the coming three eclipses, dates and times:

Partial Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon)
April 25, 2014 3:56 PM EDT

Annular Solar Eclipse (New Moon)
May 9, 2013 8:29 PM EDT

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon)
May 25, 2013 00:23 AM

Next to intense solar activity (solar flares and Coronal Mass Ejection), eclipses are generally the most powerful astrological events. This is clear not only from Western astrological tradition, but in the Eastern traditions as well, and the Tibetan Buddhists even provide reasons.

The Tibetans point out that at both New and Full Moons the subtle inner energies (what are called the winds and the channels or chakras) line up or come together within us more exactly than at other times, and when a New or Full Moon is also an eclipse, that inner lineup is about as perfect as it can get. In fact, the Tibetans set these very special days apart as "days of observation," when perhaps the best thing to do is to allow the mind to rest and observe our own mindstream. That is how we learn.

In other words, these powerful celestial lineup events (eclipses and solar flares, etc.) happen outside ourselves in the heavens but signify change that appears from within us. We can sometimes see the eclipse in the sky, but we must look and feel within to come to understand what change it brings, like: what it means for us.

Where do you think change in the world (or in yourself) comes from anyway? I am not saying that astrological events 'cause' change. I am saying that the cosmic dance happening all around us in the heavens is also an invitation for us to get in synch and dance with the cosmos. We are partners to the dance, and can either work against the rhythms of change or get in step with the music. We can learn to dance.

How we take change as it comes is what adept-ship or mastering this world is all about. Change in life will (and does) come. As they say, change is the only constant. How we assimilate and absorb the changes that come for us is what I am referring to here. Do we treat change as our opponent and oppose it as in the martial art Judo or do we passively (and skillfully) work with change as in the martial art Aikido?

The influx of change and how we receive it and work with it is the measure of our creativity. Change changes the static flow of the stream of life, sometimes injecting bends in our personal river that were not there before. Things can take a turn for the better or for the worse. As some wise folks say, "It is all good."

Good is what we make of change, if we can, how we assimilate it in ways that are beautiful, elegant, and useful… or not. Creativity is all about skillful incorporation of change.

I have written dozens of articles on eclipses and I list a free e-book below on the nature of eclipse times and the deep inner visions that come with them (and that we can tune into), so I refer you to that book if you are new to using eclipses creatively in your life. Or you can watch a video on the same topic. Links below.

What I am attempting to point out in this blog is that we can become aware at these times of what is happening inside our selves, but it takes some attention on our part, and, in the beginning, some effort to step off the freight train or our life for a day or even a moment.

We are used to being swept along in the path of change like riders on a train, passengers unable to lift our gaze from our day-to-day distractions long enough to view the landscape much less to get off the train and smell the flowers. There are no gaps (or few) in our distraction. We are used. We are used in this way. We are used to this.

Well, Eclipses are natural opportunities to shake our heads, wake up, and participate in our own dreams, to be more awake in this dream of life we are all dreaming. That is the idea.

In another blog, I will try to point out more on the nature of these particular three coming eclipses, but I will say they are ripe for inner viewing. In the last weeks, we have been pummeled by changes, many quite physical and hard-to-take, for some of us: harsh.

The next month and a half, during these eclipse times (and their visions), we will be looking more inside, looking within. Each eclipse brings and offers a vision, something we all experience, but few consciously. We agree to forget what we find too hard to remember. Learning to remember or be aware of what we have been through and are going through right now is what mind training is all about. Happy eclipse!

If you have questions, please ask.

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