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Published on July 29, 2013

As they say, the deal is done. Sunday was an all-day marathon event to pack the 26-foot truck with everything that was not tied down. I joined the packers a few times, but soon found that the best job for me was getting out of the way. I paced, but at a good distance. Huge feats of strength took place, especially moving a large fire-safe 4-drawer file cabinet.

At the end of the day, the Matrix building stood empty and the truck full. Today is being spent transferring accounts of all kinds, closing down services, and interminable times on the phone getting all of this down. Then, of course, there is the staring out the window at change in the air.

In addition, early in the morning I was out in the rain, clearing my head, and taking this photo. I shove off from the known into the unknown and as yet uncharted waters of life.

Not sure what I will do. One thing that came to mind is my doing astrological readings once again, something (that due to lack of time) I have had to decline in recent years. I have done readings for family and friends, and even their friends but not for the public. I used to do it full time.

I may be back.